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All aspects of switch selection

Author: admin / 2022-09-14
All aspects of switch selection
Everyone who has done home improvement has this experience. The appearance of large and small looks similar, but the price difference is very large. It is as low as a few yuan and as high as a few hundred yuan. So how to choose a switch socket? Experts tell you that the reliability of choosing switches and sockets is the most important, and you must choose a brand with excellent quality.
At first glance, some products certified by authoritative testing agencies such as the Electrotechnical Commission can be trusted. Consumers can ask the salesperson about this, and it is better if they can provide a copy. At the same time, you can also inquire about the internal materials of switches and sockets. The conductive parts of high-quality products should be phosphor bronze, and the contacts should be composite silver.
Second, look at the feel. Most of the switches with good quality are made of high-grade materials such as bulletproof glue, which have high fire resistance, moisture resistance and impact resistance, and have a smooth surface.
Third, look at the structure. Some imported or joint-venture products have eliminated the traditional screw crimping, and adopted plate-type terminals, which can increase the contact area of ​​the wire, improve the electrical conductivity, and avoid the screw crushing the core wire, and both single-core and multi-core wires can be used. .
Fourth, look at the price. The price of domestic switches and sockets is relatively low, but the quality is not very high; the price of imported brands is mostly tens of yuan. Joint venture products are a good choice. The quality, function and style are almost the same as imported products, but the price is only half.
Fifth, look at the brand. We encourage everyone to choose well-known brands. Because the quality of the switch is related to the normal use of electrical appliances, and even the convenience of life. Most brands will make effective promises to consumers, such as "15 years of use", "12 years of guaranteed life" and so on.
Sixth look at the service. As far as possible, go to the store or sales point designated by the regular manufacturer to buy, and ask for an invoice, so as to ensure that you can enjoy the after-sales service in the future.
7. Look at the logo. Pay attention to the signs on the base of the switch socket, including 3C certification, rated current and voltage.
Eight look at the packaging. There should be a clear manufacturer's address and phone number on the product package, with instructions for use and a certificate of conformity.

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