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Check the unreasonable installation methods of wall switches and sockets

Author: admin / 2022-11-15
Check the unreasonable installation methods of wall switches and sockets
Many users make mistakes in the installation of wall switches and sockets when decorating their houses. These mistakes are likely to cause serious consequences. Here are some common examples to share with you.
1. The installation position of the wall switch socket. Most people think that the wall switch socket is installed too high, which will affect the appearance. So they install the switch in a very low and hidden position. Have you ever thought that it would be inconvenient to plug and unplug the electrical appliances in such a low position? And will water splash into the socket when mopping the floor? This will cause short circuit and electric leakage, and may cause electric shock and fire in serious cases. Therefore, it is stipulated in the industry that the concealed wall switch socket should be at least 0.3m higher than the ground, and the requirements for the exposed wall switch should be more strict, at least 1.8m higher than the ground, which is only the standard in ordinary bedrooms and halls. For places with more water, such as kitchen and toilet, the switch socket should be at least 1.5m above the ground, while the air conditioner socket should be at least 2m above the ground, so we can see that many air conditioner sockets are at very high places.
2. The wires of wall switches and sockets shall be installed randomly, grooved and buried, and laid with concealed pipes. It is also for aesthetic reasons that many families will do this when decorating. Here, it should be noted that the wiring should follow the principle of "live wire into the switch, zero wire into the lamp head", and a leakage protection device should be installed on the socket. Many old houses use aluminum wires. It is emphasized here that aluminum wires should be replaced with copper wires. Because aluminum is relatively active in chemical properties, it is easy to be oxidized, and the joints are easy to ignite. Moreover, aluminum has strong thermal conductivity, and the wires are easy to burn. According to relevant data, the fire rate of residential buildings using aluminum wires is more than ten times higher than that of residential buildings using copper wires.
3. The installation of wall switch sockets lacks protective devices. The obvious places are kitchens and bathrooms. If the wall switch sockets in these two places are not installed with splash boxes or plastic baffles, water vapor and oil stains will easily enter the sockets, which is easy to cause short circuits, and then cause more serious fires. Here is a warm reminder. For families with children, sockets with safety shields should be selected to prevent children from touching the socket holes with their fingers or poking them with metal objects, resulting in electric shock. Moreover, the ground wire is placed. Some people will connect the ground wire to the gas pipe during the decoration process, which is very dangerous. Once the electrical appliances leak, it will cause gas explosion, with unimaginable consequences.
The above examples are very common in life and are also prone to accidents. Therefore, when installing wall switches and sockets, you should consider all aspects to bring a comfortable and comprehensive living environment to your family.
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