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How about Flush Mounted Earthed Switch Socket?

Author: admin / 2023-01-01
A flush mounted earthed switch socket is a type of electrical outlet that is installed in a wall or other surface so that it is flush with the surface, rather than being recessed or protruding. The term "earthed" refers to the fact that the socket is grounded, meaning that it is connected to an electrical ground or earth in order to protect against electrical shocks. This type of socket is typically used in modern homes and buildings in order to provide a clean and sleek appearance, as well as to protect against accidental contact with the electrical outlets. In order to install a flush mounted earthed switch socket, you will need to have some basic electrical knowledge and follow all necessary safety precautions. It is generally recommended to hire a licensed electrician to install or modify electrical outlets in your home or building.
Flush Mounted Earthed Switch Socket

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