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Maintenance of switch sockets

Author: admin / 2022-08-03
Every household has a switch socket, but very little is known about how to maintain the switch socket. Today we will talk about the maintenance of the switch socket.
1. Do not turn the switch on and off repeatedly:
In the daily use of switch sockets, we often make small mistakes of this kind, such as the repeated opening and closing of the switch. This will not only increase the power consumption, but also reduce the life of the switch, and the operating parts of the switch will wear out during the opening and closing process. To avoid insensitive switches, reduce unnecessary switch movements.
2. The order of socket use:
Pay attention to the order of using sockets with switches. The correct way to use them should be to insert the plug first and then turn on the switch; similarly, the order of unplugged plugs is to turn off the switch and then unplug the plug. In this way, sparks caused by friction between the plug and the energized copper sheet in the socket can be avoided, and the copper sheet can reduce wear.
3. Surface protection of switch sockets:
If you want the switch socket to be more durable, you can add some decorations around it to protect it. Some special spaces are more needed, such as bathrooms, kitchens, and a cover on the switch socket to prevent water vapor and oil from affecting the surface of the switch socket, which is also to ensure the safety of electricity use. an important measure.
4. Alcohol for cleaning switch sockets:
Always keep the switch and socket clean, you can wipe it with a small amount of low-concentration (70%-75%) alcohol with a dry cloth. Do not use water to clean it, which will not only leave water marks, but also risk electric shock. Do you know about the maintenance of switch sockets?


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