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Switch socket installation method Safe installation ensures reliability

Author: admin / 2022-08-24
How to install the switch socket in the safest way
Now the fire phenomenon is getting more and more serious. Every year, countless fires take away the precious lives of countless people, and among them, electric fires should be said to account for the vast majority, and switch installation is one of the factors. Improper installation of switches and sockets can easily cause fire or electric shock. So how to install the switch socket the safest? When installing the switch, what should be done?
Four cases of improper installation
1. Two wires are connected to a pile head;
2. The zero and phase lines are connected incorrectly;
3. The switch is installed on a combustible object, and the wire core is exposed or water vapor seeps in, causing a short circuit, so the switch and socket such as the bathroom must be equipped with a waterproof box;
4. The working voltage and working current do not match the power of the socket, and it is overloaded for a long time.
What should I do when installing a switch socket?
1. The switch should be 130~150cm away from the ground and 15~20cm away from the edge of the door frame. It cannot be installed behind the door. The position of the wall switch with the wall panel is at least 0.2m from the top of the board, the height of the surface-mounted socket is not less than 1.3m from the ground, and the installed socket is not less than 0.3m, and the kitchen and bathroom are determined separately. Do not install it on the head of the bed or on the desktop, and all switches should be turned off in the same direction.
2. Bathrooms and balconies should be equipped with splash-proof sockets, or equipped with waterproof boxes. They cannot be installed above bathtubs, faucets, and stoves, nor can they be installed 20cm around the gas meter.
3. Two-hole sockets are strictly used for household appliances. The power of Yuba switches is relatively large, and more space is required. Electrical appliances that are often plugged and unplugged can be used with switch sockets.
4. Calculate the load. The socket without fixed load is calculated as 1000 watts, and the ordinary socket uses 2.5 square millimeter copper core wire.
5. The ground wire on the three-hole socket is connected to the neutral wire on the left and the phase wire on the right; the two-hole socket is connected to the neutral wire on the left and the phase wire on the right.
6. To be firmly installed, the joints should be tightened.
7. Make sure that all the wires are fully in contact with the switch and the back seat of the socket during installation.
8. The switch is usually opened and closed with the hand in the opposite direction. The right hand is more than the left hand. Generally, it is on the left side of the door. The door switch should be fluorescent type.
9. When decorating, pay attention to protecting the panel of the switch socket to prevent contamination.


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