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What is a WIFI Control Switch Module?

Author: admin / 2022-10-18
A WIFI control switch module enables you to remotely control the activity of one load - such as a light, computer, or another electronic device - via your smartphone. It is compatible with electrical outlets operating between 90-220 VAC and can handle up to 10 A of current. The device can be controlled via an app or through voice commands like those provided by Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. This smart home device also supports momentary and inching modes to automatically turn on and off electronic devices.
The main PCB is made of a combination of surface-mount and through-hole components. It also has a small number of other components, including large power resistors and capacitors. Another important component is a PN25F08 chip, which is an 8Megabit serial FLASH memory. It probably contains information regarding the Wi-Fi network, including usernames and passwords. It also has a configuration memory.


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