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What is the principle of smart touch switch?

Author: admin / 2022-07-20
The touch-sensing switch is a wall switch controlled by modern intelligent technology. It needs to consume a certain amount of power during use. The single-fire intelligent switch standby power is powered by flowing through the electronic ballast to the touch-sensing switch control circuit. So what is the principle of the touch sensor switch? First of all, let's take a look at the specific situation of the touch-sensitive switch. When the touch-sensing switch is working, since the single-fire smart switch takes electricity through the voltage difference between the two ends when the switch is off, it cannot take electricity when the switch is closed. Therefore, the technical problem of the touch-sensing switch taking electricity has always existed. The main technical bottleneck restricting the development of single live wire touch switch at home and abroad.
Before understanding the principle of touch-sensitive switch, let's first understand the relevant parameters of touch-sensitive switch. The rated voltage of the touch sensor switch refers to the safe voltage when the sensor switch is working normally, the rated current refers to the maximum safe current allowed when the touch sensor switch is turned on, the insulation resistance refers to the resistance value of the conductor part and the insulation part of the touch sensor switch, and the insulation resistance The value is above 100MΩ. Contact resistance is generally required to be below 0.1-0.5Ω, and the smaller the value, the better. Withstand voltage refers to the highest voltage that the touch sensor switch can withstand between the conductor and the ground. The service life refers to the number of times that the induction switch can be operated about 5000-35000 times under the working conditions of the induction switch.
The principle of touch sensing switch is classified into resistive touch switch and capacitive touch switch. In terms of various technologies and technological functions, capacitive touch sensing has become the mainstream of touch sensing technology. In terms of key design, it can effectively bring the overall appearance grade of the product. improvement. Capacitive sensor touch switch can penetrate more than 20mm of insulating material shell, accurately and effectively detect the effective touch of fingers, and ensure that the stability, sensitivity, reliability of the product will not change due to environmental changes or long-term use, and at the same time It also has the ability of waterproof and strong anti-interference.


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